BWS Germanlingua - Allemagne

BWS Germanlingua - Allemagne BWS Germanlingua - Allemagne

"When I came to Munich I couldn’t speak a word of German. But within two months I’ve learnt so much. The atmosphere at the language school is super, lots of young people from all over the world. The teachers are really good, always in a good mood and they are so patient. They always help you. Not only in the lessons. Whatever you want to know or whatever you’re looking for, they always provide you with tips: where and when techno parties are taking place, where you can go for excellent shopping, and where to get tickets for football matches of the Bavarian team ...
... I’m staying with a very nice host family. Sometimes we go to a Japanese restaurant together."
Takafumi - Japon

"Everything is fantastic: the location of the language school in the centre of the city; the lessons, where we work with videos and computers; the teachers, who are not only competent but also really good friends; the host families - my host family has access to the internet and e-mail, which I can use."
Keith - Canada

"The groups at BWS Germanlingua are small, the teachers are great and the facilities of this german language school are just fantastic! "
Dimitrios - Grèce

"I’ve learnt so much, not only regarding language but also how to plan interesting and diverse lessons ... with games and videos. I’ll remember this when I’m a teacher myself one day. Merci! "
Natalie - France